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Puppy Questionnaire

By completing this questionnaire, you agree that ALL information you have provided is correct, and that if
any information changes you will advise K9 Rescue Group as soon as possible. You understand that
providing untruthful answers or the unwillingness to provide the information requested can result in the
refusal of an adoption.
For insurances purposes, it is our duty to remind you that whilst K9 Rescue Group has taken every measure
to ensure your safety, you are responsible for yourself and your children while on K9 Rescue premises.
Please be aware that if you have brought your dog onto K9 Rescue Group premises for the purpose of an
introduction, you are solely responsible for the welfare of your dog.
Please understand that K9 Rescue Group reserves the right to refuse any application.

Before you can adopt your new dog we will need to check off some things:
Check your ID
Get a copy of written rental permission (If you rent)
Everyone in your house must meet the dog before adoption
If you have another dog we will need to do a match-up with them. (A copy of their up-to-date vaccination certificate is required)



    Living Arrangements

    Current Pets and Previous Experience

    Please list the dog(s) you currently own below (not previous dogs)

    First Dog

    Second Dog