Thank you for considering helping K9 Dog Rescue by fostering our dogs!! For every dog that goes into foster and leaves a spot in our kennels, another can be rescued from the pound allowing us to save more dogs. There are a number of reasons why a dog might need to go into foster, which includes, but is not limited to: behavioural issues, not coping with the kennel environment, pregnancy, medical conditions, and palliative care. Any dog that will go into foster with you will have been chosen to suit your lifestyle.  

When you foster a Dog we provide all their veterinary work and medication. We would greatly appreciate it if our foster carers could supply the food, bedding, leads, toys, etc. Any foster dog will come to you with a martingale collar, however we need this collar back when they get adopted as we buy these special collars online. 

When a foster dog is placed with you they may require some veterinary work to be done. All K9 dogs are sterilized, microchipped, vaccinated, and flea and worm treated. Before a K9 dog can be adopted out they must first be at least sterilized and microchipped. All vet work at K9 is completed by the Halls Head Small Animal Clinic (HHSAC). You may be required to bring your foster dog to K9 or HHSAC for any vet work that may need completing. All check-ups and vaccinations are done at K9 Rescue on Monday’s at 1.30pm. Any sterilizations or surgeries are done at HHSAC on Wednesdays. Any vet work that need completing must first be approved by K9.

If you are fostering a dog that need behavioural help you also might need to bring your foster dog to training sessions with our dog trainer. 

Any dog that goes into foster with you will be advertised on the K9 website, Facebook, and a number of other places. Anyone interested in adopting your foster dog will need to first contact K9. From there we will assess any potential adopters. If we determine that they are suitable we will organise a meet-up with you and the foster dog with the potential adopter.  

Once you have a K9 dog in foster it is very important to keep in contact with us about their progress. Letting us know about their progress and personality can help us find the right people to adopt them and so they can find the best furever home possible. 

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