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Tiny is a very friendly loving young girl. She’s only 8 months old and has already had such a tough time of it.

Breed: Whippet x
Age: 7 months
Cats social: No
Dog social: Yes
Children: Dog savvy, 10+
Energy Levels: High/Jumpy/Friendly
Size: Large

Her beautiful nature is matched by her energy! Being a young healthy dog she’s full of beans! Her breed (being a whippet X) adds to her energy levels. Unfortunately she’s had next to no training besides some very basic commands. She will sit for food and treats which is awesome. Tiny will need a dog savvy home to see her through this tough period of her life. She can be very jumpy and will scare young children so will need to be with older dog savvy kids.

Train, train , training! Keep it up! She would love a family who will put in the time with her and give her the training, enrichment and love she’s so longing for! I can’t stress it enough the more she uses her biggest asset (her brain) the more harmonious life will be for her.

Name: Tiny
Breed: Whippet X
Sex: Female
Date of Birth:  24/12/2021
Entered K9: 19/07/2022
Weight: 22kg

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