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Meet our beautiful boy Petey!

Petey is a very handsome boy who is looking to find his perfect humans to spend the rest of his life with! Petey came to us from the pound after coming from a bit of a traumatic background, so we are looking for a very loving and safe home for this gentle boy. We believe he has sadly been debarked which you will notice by his husky bark when you meet him.

Petey has been working on his socialisation and has gotten along with very docile dogs however he can react to some dogs when they react to him initially. He will need to find a home that can help work with his socialisation. Petey is an absolute delight to walk on the lead and appears to be toilet trained which is amazing.

Petey has been with us for over a month now and has become quite stressed in the kennel environment. He has currently having 3 meals per day to help him retain a healthy weight. This gorgeous boy will make your life so bright, he is incredibly loving and just wants to please, he just needs to find a loving home.

We aren’t sure how well Petey would cope with owners working long hours full time, however if you’re working part time or shorter hours he would fit in perfectly. Providing Petey with some enrichment to keep his brain busy whilst you’re at work would be amazing. Lick mats, snuffle mats and kongs are a great way to keep him entertained.

Petey has enjoyed spending time in the water during these hotter days. He loves the hose and playing in clam shells full of water. Water play will keep this boy busy and will tire him out.

He would benefit going to a home with people who have lots of friends with dogs so that they can go for social walks introduced gradually.

Cats social: Untested
Dog social: Selective
Children: 5+
Energy Levels: High
Size: Large

Name: Petey
Breed: Staffy Boxer X
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 08/01/2016
Entered K9: 01/02/2023
Weight: 28kg

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