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Meet our gorgeous boy Maverick!

Maverick is fairly new to our shelter so we are still getting to know him. Maverick is a very beautiful boy who has made so many bonds with our volunteers and has adored everyone that he has met. Maverick can get a bit stressed when left alone for long periods of time so would benefit going to a home where someone is home more often than not.

Maverick has tested dog social whilst being with us but like all other dogs will need slow and controlled introductions. Maverick is not good with cats so will need to go to a cat free home and possibly a home with no small animals.

Maverick is a big loveable boy who would benefit from ongoing training and stimulation. He is very good to walk but can sometimes be a bit strong and playful. Maverick is good with kids but they must be older, dog savvy kids.

Name: Maverick
Breed: Staffy x
Sex: Male
Date of Birth:  Approx 5 years old
Entered K9: 17/04/2022
Weight: 35.6kg

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