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This little man has come an extremely long way. Dexter has been lucky enough to have been on foster for a few months. This has enabled him to grow in confidence and for us at K9 to get a better picture of what life traumas this little guy has had to endure.
This is why a good foster home with trainer backup is so important and critical to us finding the best well suited home for the dog and the human in the long run. We now have heaps of information on this little guy to help find the best suited home for him. His foster mum was able to understand the information given and implement the advice to get him on the right track.

Ideally suited to a rural property. Dexter is extremely dog social and would make the perfect companion to another dog out at a farm as there are less of his triggers out there.

Dexter is a terrier so he would thrive going back to do the job he was bred to do which is catch mice. Dexter struggles with a lot of triggers in suburbia, ie, bikes, cars, vans, children so keeping on top of his training for the average person would be 2 steps forward and 3 steps back if he goes to suburbia. Hiring a behavior trainer to train you to train him of course is an option however you really do need to think of the cost and time.

Picking a quiet environment for him is essential to his growth so he truly needs a really quiet area. Jarrahdale, the hills, Margaret River, Lancelin are but a few. Another option that could work again is a very quiet area with no passing traffic, cars or humans with a person who is willing to drive Dexter to the beach or the bush daily but not our first choice.

Dexter isn’t fond of children but he can meet them and be appropriate, It is all in the human understanding how to do the meet.
Dexter does not respond well to being man handled or spoken to in a strong voice which tells me this is what happened to him as a puppy, and he will not tolerate this again. With this in mind he is looking for a home who will only do positive reinforcement training with him and understand they need to stay calm and happy.

This little boy has come a long way and gives lots of love. His foster mum would love to keep him and will be heartbroken to see him go however she has grandchildren on the way in June which is going to be her priority of course.

We have lots of information for the next person who falls in love with this beautiful little boy❤

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Cats social: No
Dog social: Yes, selective
Children: No
Energy Levels: Medium / High
Size: Small

Name: Dexter
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 10/05/2019
Entered K9: 19/12/2022
Weight: 6.5kg

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