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Darcie may be a familiar face for some as she has been in our care a few times now. She has not had a good start to life and she is now looking for home number 7. She has been through the absolute wringer.

From being abandoned in bushland, left abandoned on an empty property and dumped twice at the pound to be euthanised by people who were supposed to love her. In her last home she was absolutely adored and very well cared for however Darcie and the other dog started having some disagreements.

Darcie is the most beautiful dog who is so incredibly loving. They say that eyes are the window to your soul and this is very accurate for beautiful Darcie. Looking into her eyes you can just see how much heartache and disruption she has had in her short life. Darcie absolutely loves people and would love to snuggle all day long. She is a high energy girl who loves going on new adventures.

Due to her past she is dog reactive and will need owners who can continue her training with a professional trainer. If you put in the hard yards and help this gorgeous girl with consistent training and enrichment, she will pay you back for it with endless love, cuddles and a bond so strong you wouldn’t believe. If you would like to organise an appointment to meet this precious girl, please complete an adoption questionnaire. At his stage Darcie is looking for a pet free home.

Cats social: No
Dog social: Selective, in training
Children: Dog savvy
Energy Levels: High
Size: Medium/Large

Name: Darcie
Breed: Kelpie x
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 10/06/2017
Entered K9: 12/02/2023
Weight: 28kg

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