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Say hi to our sweet Bella !!

Breed: x
Age: 6 months
Cats social: Untested
Dog social: Yes pending a meet
Children: 15 +
Energy Levels: Medium
Size: Medium/Large

Bella knows what she wants and she wants it now. She reminds me of Verruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. No waiting for this girl. She is such a character. Bella is only 6 months old so is now going through the terrible teens.

She has learnt some basic cues and was very eager to learn how to crawl and do some hand targets so is very smart and willing. She will need owners who can continue this and put time and effort into helping guide and teach her how to be patient and wait for what she wants.

She has some good social skills as we had her playing off lead however when on lead she is very impatient in more ways than one so new owners will need to put time and effort into this. She could fit well into a family unit with older kids who can help the folks to train her or make a true companion. Time and effort with whoever she goes to is needed but she will reward you tenfold.

She has the best wriggly body when she meets you and you just want to squeeze her. Very cuddly girl.

Name: Bella
Breed: Bull Arab x
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 28/04/2022
Entered K9: 21/11/2022
Weight: 23kg

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