Large Dogs
Meet our adorable pair Ollie and Bettsie! Ollie and Bettsie are inseparable best buds so we are looking for a home for them together! Ollie is 6 years old Boxer x American Staffy and Bettsie is 5 years old Kelpie X. 

Ollie is a big goofball who loves attention! No one has quite had the heart to tell him about his size so he thinks he's a lapdog, and loves to have cuddles all day long. Ollie is a strong boy and can pull on the lead so he would love to get some more lead training.

Bettsie is the clever one who enjoys learning tricks and would love to find someone to teach her more! She loves people and can be very affectionate. Compared to her bud, she's the easier walker on the lead.

We are still learning more about this double act, if you would like to meet Ollie and Bettsie please give the K9 rescue office a call on 9581 9005 to make an appointment.

Name: Ollie
Breed: Boxer
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 01/09/2014
Entered K9: 04/09/2020
Weight: 30kg

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