Medium Dogs
We are looking for a very special home for Layla. She has not had the best start to life and due to this she is only just learning how to behave like a dog and learning to socialise with other dogs. Layla's new home will require experienced owners who have dog training knowledge, where she will be provided with the consistent training and structure she needs. Layla would be best to go to a solo person or a couple.
Layla can be quite wary of new people, especially men, and will need a slow introduction to people. Her new owners will need to understand she will need a safe place to go if visitors come over.
She will need ongoing work with her socialisation with other dogs, at this stage she is better with male dogs than female dogs.  She can potentially be rehomed with a male dog who can teach her the ropes on how to be a dog. Layla cannot be rehomed with kids or cats.
Any new owners will need to meet Layla a few times before adoption, so she can get used to them and we can go through her training requirements.

Please call K9 during office hours for more information. 

Name: Layla
Breed: Staffy
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 01/12/2018
Entered K9: 31/12/2019
Weight: 21.7kg

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