Large Dogs
Loves people. Will need a positive structured routine in his new home. Can be strong on lead, would benefit from ongoing lead training. Will make a lovely addition to a family willing to give him time. Is currently being trained on a halti and doing well.
Is good with kids 
Is good with seeing dogs out on a walk, just can't get too close to them as he can get a bit snappy
Loves carrots!

Dogs: Okay from a distance, not good up close - gets snappy 
Cats: Didn’t go well in a home with cats
People: Great with all people
Kids: Great with kids
Separation anxiety: No signs shown 
Fences: Standard fencing (6ft) 
Mental stimulation: Some required 
Exercise: 1-2 decent walks a day required 
Strength: Medium strength - also walks well on a hulti 
Toilet trained: Unsure 
Basic obedience: Has some basic obedience 
Resource guarding: No signs shown 
Further training required: Recall training, Lead training, Possible toilet training
Please call K9 during office hours for more information. 

Name: Ralf
Breed: Staffy
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 17/10/2011
Entered K9: 21/11/2019
Weight: 28kg

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