Medium Dogs
Happy, Friendly, 4yo medium size, male Black Lab X. He is a very social dog, with both people and other dogs. He has good manners, is good on lead, learns quickly and responds well to positive based training. We suspect he has been left alone for lengthy periods, causing him to develop a roaming habit to keep himself from going nuts with boredom. Hence he may well jump fences to go for a wander until he is sure his new family will always be there for him.
Buddy needs a family willing to take the time to regularly play with him. While it won’t take long, he will have to be taught how to play again as he has lost the ability to stay engaged with humans in simple play. Despite his wonderful nature, he has been let down so much he has learned to give up easily on people. He needs his faith in humans as life companions to be renewed. He will also need regular, positive recall training to help counteract the urge to go looking for enrichment. While going out for regular walks on lead is a must, he will need to stay on lead unless in an enclosed area until a strong bond is made. He will need a home with 2 meter +, solid, dig-proof fencing AND where he will be welcome inside when his family is at home. 

Name: Buddy
Breed: Rottweiler
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 01/11/2014
Weight: 19.8 kg

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