Medium Dogs
Very friendly girl, very good with people. Athletic and good looking, she walks well in harness, and loves to run. While she loves her people, she does not suffer from separation anxiety and relaxes well when left on her own.
She plays well with other dogs in a one on one situation, but is prone to get selfish with food, especially bones. She will also guard her bones from some people. She will most likely be happiest in a one dog home.
Marnie does have a barrier frustration problem. She behaves very badly at barriers (see through fence, windows, etc.) towards passing dogs. She will need a home with good 2 meter + fencing that is not see through, and cannot left alone where she can see through windows.
We do not know how she is with kids or cats, but expect she may knock over smaller kids in her exuberance. Marnie requires a home where she will get plenty of attention.   
Training required; she jumps up a bit but is easily kept off if you bend down to greet her. Both recall and house training are needed.


Name: Marnie
Breed: Staffy
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 01/01/2017
Weight: 25kg

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