Our Team

The K9 Committee is made up of a group of volunteers that are also members of K9 Rescue Group. There is an Executive Committee made up of the President, Treasurer and Secretary. There are also general committee members that assist with the overall operations of K9. The K9 Rescue Committee meets at least once per month to conduct business and work tirelessly to ensure that K9 Rescue continues on with the work that has been ongoing for the last 25 years.

Carol Carter President and Committee Member

Carol Camplin Committee Member

Rhona Donovan K9 South and Committee Member

Duncan Pratt Vice President and Committee Member

Janine Matthews Publicity and Committee Member

Linda Cruden Secretary and Committee Member

Daniel Knight I.T Coordinator

Gillian Symonds Treasurer and Committee Member

Caitlyn Welch Office Administrator

Mike Plunkett Caretaker

Sonia Pratt Fundraising Coordinator

Graeme Cox Projects

Liz Garside Assistant Yaps n Yarns Editor